Born in Provins in 1979, Jérôme has always been an inventive and innovative observer;
His dynamism and involvement, inhabited by a desire to share, easily leads others to adhere to his projects.
Its posture and reliability give it professional credibility;
He lives his passions with intensity and expresses himself brilliantly, both in artistic fields - such as music or photography - than in sensational sports or hiking ... and is not left out in the new technologies and like computer science or graphics, where he expresses all his creativity
A certain ease in communication, an innate sense of listening and a great adaptability make him a formidable diplomat ... his natural curiosity and his eclecticism led him to practice several trades and to try several experiments, until to reveal in the profession of director since 2007, which allows him to express several facets of his talents ! He's director and in charge of the production of Mister Europe Euronations's TV program.

Professional drone pilot, photographer and cameraman. We propose to enhance your activities with quality images on the ground or in the airs, indoors and outdoors. We accompany all your projects: cinema, documentaries, reports, institutional, followed by works and building sites, your events. State-of-the-art equipment to realize all your projects.

STYLIST and Creative director at Pablo-chester Photography

Miss Lou is the creative and dynamic stylist who gives style and staged to branded outfits from a photographer 's photo shoot and story board.
Make sure everything is consistent, and that nothing swears in a photo, a location or an event.
 As a first for a fashion designer, she ensures that the model is comfortable and impeccable in its outfit.
Aware of the latest trends she knows at a glance what will go to each of morphologies. 

Passionate about the media, Patrick has been at the heart of the event for 25 years. Its know-how, his professionalism are today known and recognized within a profession sometimes badly identified : A professional press agent is essential to the valorization of the brands and the products, to create events, to manage and develop relations with the press, to communicate with TV, radio and the Web, to develop messages and visibility.
He also collaborates with one of the largest independent French press agencies, Visual Press Agency, and relies regularly on a team of experts and networks of influence that he has been able to weave over all these years and who trust him. For one goal: to lead the project to success!

Photographer, Producer, Talent Finder.

Shawa PABLO-CHESTER is a multi-talented artist. Blogger of influence and Parisian celebrity, it is like as photographer she will make herself known internationally.
Her photos are the cover of many fashion magazines around the world. Rare woman to evolve and succeed in male art photography industry.
Her photo book "Models" makes a success from Asia to United States. Shawa has the eye to capture the beauty of her lens always on the lookout to highlight a model and sublimate it.
She discovers, manages and advises the image of celebrities and beginner models. She likes to start models careers ...
Shawa PABLO-CHESTER is the Official Photographer of MISTER EUROPE EURONATIONS Election.

Sylvie Soler Elbaze is a reference in the production and organization of events (Night Trophy 2005, Stage & Champagne Hidalgo, 6 years of events produced at the Palais Maillot ...), but also in the world famous Parisian nights ( 10 years of General Management at Madeleine Plaza, Latina nights at La Coupole and Mikado, in partnership with Radio Latina ...). « A PARIS C’EST ICI », accompanies the release of various products, books, CDs, fashion shows ... but also various artists as press officer.
Sylvie is in charge of Partner Relations at MISTER EUROPE EURONATIONS.

Born in Annecy in 1981, Jérôme has always been passionate about cinema and shooting techniques.
 Beginning as a simple cameraman, he quickly moved towards the realization and mainly on the machinery
 specialized as the crane, the steadicam, the cable-cam, the drone or the travellings.
 Technology enthusiast, handyman and follower of the D system, he always finds solutions to the most complex and thorny problems ... it's his challenge ..... a kind of "MAC GYVER" of the TV team !

Multi disciplinary, José is born in Paris where he learns the techniques of performing arts: classical dance, jazz, hip hop, Cuban, salsa, lindy hop, classical singing, gospel, soul, acrobatics on the ground, undertakes an artistic journey that takes him to United States where he discovers the entertainment: a scene .... a show gathering all these techniques.
The artist stands out by his experimental techniques. His approach advocates the development of new processes.
José sculpts his art until he creates "his" discipline that he teaches in an evolutionary way. He elaborates a hybrid of several techniques always tending to the mental and physical development.