Formerly founder of the Mister France concept created in 2001, she is the president of the young MISTER EUROPE-EURONATIONS Committee and leads it since it was created, to give it the necessary boost for its legitimate expansion and its media coverage. Rachel challenged herself to give a deep and worthy impact to the MISTER EUROPE-EURONATIONS concept.


Therefore, she is the owner of the trademark « MISTER EUROPE » registered in French National Institute of Patent Rights (INPI) as well as « EUROPE-EURONATIONS » registered in OHIM and also owns all other declension labels at a regional, national and international level, protected by patent rights.

In those times of male-female parity, Rachel is also aware of the undeniable evolution of mentalities in the way to view « the modern man » in the socio-cultural fields. Convinced by this recent infatuation which is strengthening and intensifying day after day, she is now devoting herself to this innovative project, consistent with her creativity. Knowing all about contemporary trends in aesthetics and international fashion, and having a wide experience of corresponding social phenomena analysis, she has notably been a pionnier in France for the « makeover » techniques and became adviser of the President of the Training Company in 1999 for the french group PIGIER/Coiffure et Esthétique.

Rachel is an expert in the art of appearance: She was just 22 when she founded a training school for hostess and stewards. The succes of this school was such (about 800 students) that she founded a second one and also managed a third one.

She quickly got such representation skills that she was not impressed to spend time with the showbiz stars of that period, such as Salvador DALI, among which she stays gracefully and confidently, forcing compliance.

But tired with the system, she stepped down in order to retire quitely.