Age :19 years

Marital statuts : Single
Educational level : secondary education
Diploma : No (Student)
Desired Career : Model or fireman
Training in progress : Learning foreign languages
Current occupation : Model / project supervisor / actor
Spoken languages : French

Height : 174 cm
Weight : 59 kg
Hair colour : chestnut
Eye colour : brown

What are you favourite activities (hobbies, sports, etc.) ?
– I like singing, dancing, boxing, reading books, working as a model and as an actor…

According to you, what is your main character trait ?
– honesty

What is your seduction asset and what do like best about you ?
– My way of expressing myself

Main qualities ?
– Seriousness, ability to improvise, curiosity for new experiences…

Main faults ?
– Subject to stress and nervousness, no confidence in strangers,

What is the ideal profite of « the love of your life » ?
– Someone who I can go through everything with

What are your main motivations to participate at this contest ?
– To prove that I can do it

What would be the final successful realization of your dreams ?
– To become a successful model, actor, singer

Do you have a particular talent ? If yes, give us some details.
– I have a beautiful voice for singing, which still needs training yet

Which other precisions could be useful to help us krow better your personality ?
– I learn fast and like to. I like practicing sport. (boxing)

Which is your idea of the MISTER EUROPE-EURONATIONS ?
– To help us visualize what we can do… and do it.