Age : 28

Marital status : single

Diploma : Master degree in economics

Desired Career : economist ( macro, micro, statistical analyst)

Current occupation : master student in the university of Zurich

Spoken languages : French, English and German

Height :  184 cm

Weight :  85 kg

Hair color :  Brown

Eye color : Dark green

Distinguishing marks : no

What are you favorite activities (hobbies, sports, etc.) ?

I did 8 years of athletics but now it’s more fitness, running and riding my bicycle, travel, learn new things and do modeling

According to you, what is your main character trait ?

Conscientious person, I am doing the best for everything I undertake, hence, I am very reliable wich is very appreciated

What is your seduction asset and what do like best about you ?

My strength is not to be only sportive and do modeling, but also be a good student and travel around the world thanks to my good grades and to stay myself without being arrogant is something that people appreciate about me

Main qualities ?

Conscientious, open minded, determined, generous

Biggest flaws ?

Too perfectionist, too critical of myself, attempting to please everyone which is not always good

What is the ideal profile of  ” the love of your life ” ?

She must be smart, independent, a determined person where we push each other to the best of us ; Moreover, she must be the most beautiful for me

What are your main motivations to participate at this contest ?

It’s a new challenge for me, I would be honored to represent my country and be able to show that such contest is not only about how good a person look, but it is more than that to be Mister Europe

What would be the final successful realization of your dreams ?

It is simply to be surrounded by the people I love, stay healthy, have a beautiful family and wife and be delighted with my work

Do you have a particular talent ? If yes, give us some details.

I am very proud that I was able to travel during more than a year ( 8 countries and more than 80 cities) for my studies, working very hard and at the same time, I managed to stay fit by training in all kind of circumstances

Which other precisions could be useful to help us know better your personality ?

I always did my best by choosing the toughest studies and I was many times rewarded with a good diploma with honors, moved up at my military service : I am therefore I used to meet people of different cultures and I love challenges

Which is your idea of the MISTER EUROPE-EURONATIONS

He is an Ambassador of Europe, thus, he must be a model for people by his charisma, his elegance, his intelligence ; it is important that people feel positively motivated by Mister Europe as his optimist views, his honesty, his humble attitude and his smile must lead people to take the Mister Europe as an example of correct human behavior and respect.