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Age : 28

Marital status : single

Diploma : graduate master degree / MBA Marketing

Desired Career : trader

Current occupation : financial analyst : economist

Spoken languages : Azerbajian, English, Turkish, german

Height :  180 cm

Weight :  77 kg

Hair color :  black

Eye color : green

Distinguishing marks :  no

What are you favorite activities (hobbies, sports, etc.) ?

Swimming & chess

According to you, what is your main character trait ?

Strict to deadlines

What is your seduction asset and what do like best about you ?

Welldressed and smell nice

Main qualities ?

Powerful, reading much, social

Biggest flaws ?

Early broke up in relationship

What is the ideal profile of  ” the love of your life ” ?

Tall skinning model

What are your main motivations to participate at this contest ?

To represent my country Azerbajian

What would be the final successful realization of your dreams ?

Become world famous leader

Do you have a particular talent ? If yes, give us some details.

Swimming 500m in 8 mn

Which other precisions could be useful to help us know better your personality ?

Kind and respectful

Which is your idea of the MISTER EUROPE-EURONATIONS

Show muscular body represent my talent